Baby & Toddler’s Wooden Hangers Wardrobe Set- 25cm

Multi-Purpose & Versatile

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An essential set of wooden baby’s clip and top hangers. Designed to fit your little one’s wardrobe, our classic wooden hanger set is suitable for a range of baby and toddler clothing. Available in a variety of finishes and colours to suit your decor. Strong and long-lasting, the wooden clip hanger features two adjustable chrome clips to hold skirts and trousers securely. With a smooth rounded shape and a 360° chrome swivel hook for easy positioning, this is a useful set of multi-purpose hangers. Ideal for home and retail display. Pack of 12 contains: 6 clip hangers and 6 top hangers. Pack of 30 contains: 12 clip hangers and 18 top hangers. Size Guide


  • IDEAL FOR: A range of baby and toddler clothing including: tops, shirts, cardigans, baby grows and sleepsuits.
  • REAL WOOD: Made from 100% maple wood. Available in a range of colours and finishes.
  • ADJUSTABLE CLIPS: Rubber-lined jaws to prevent clothes from slipping off the hanger.
  • SWIVEL HOOK: Chrome hook rotates 360° for easy positioning.
  • SIZE: Clip Hanger - Width 25cm - (9.8") Height 19cm (7.4") Thickness 1.2cm (0.47") approx. SIZE: Top Hanger - Width 25cm - (9.8") Height 13cm (5.1") Thickness 1.2cm (0.47") approx.
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Use Sleepsuits & Babygrows